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Przyświecała nam myśl, by ten brand posiadał coś wyjątkowego, zanurzonego w lokalnej tradycji. Ale nie w sposób nachalny i przaśny, lecz szlachetny i nietuzinkowy. A zarazem na tyle czytelny, by nie był potrzebny doktorat z kulturoznawstwa, by od razu zorientować się jakie jest pochodzenie danego alkoholu.
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Product branding

Therefore, Sulima vodka, available in two versions, incorporates classic Polish elements enriched with modern design. We aimed to create a brand rooted in tradition but devoid of playful elements. And we achieved exactly that. Designing labels for Sulima vodka required a combination of various talents: historical and cultural knowledge as well as graphic design skills.

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key visual
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Sulima – product branding

The starting point was to define the impression we wanted to achieve. It was about the Polish character of original, traditional vodka, but without typical views or the Polish flag. That’s why we chose the name Sulima, which comes from one of the Polish noble coats of arms. The first mentions of it date back to 1352. Zawisza Czarny used Sulima. In search of graphic means of expression, we chose simple decorations and a shape reminiscent of wings. Above all, we placed an eagle referring to the Polish emblem and the Sulima coat of arms. The whole design is complemented by a sleeve on the neck and topped with a cap in the appropriate color. Designing labels for Sulima vodka was an interesting lesson in history.

Using modern graphic elements, we designed a label that refers to the medieval coat of arms but does not reproduce it literally.

projekt etykiety na wódkę
projektowanie etykiet wodka
projektowanie materialow reklamowych

Alcohol is more than just a label

Certainly, the most important thing is its taste. But since we know that the appearance of the packaging affects the taste of the product, we are aware of how important the label is for the success of the product on the market. Designing labels for Sulima vodka is not the only action we have taken. POS support is invaluable, as is an online presence. That’s why we also prepared key visuals and beautiful product photos highlighting the character of Sulima vodka. Vodka branding is a complex and delicate matter. The whole was complemented by T-shirts, so customers could receive them for free during promotional campaigns.

projekt key visual
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projekt key visual
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